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ReactJS: Innovative Front-End Development

What is React.js?

React.js is a JavaScript library that is intended for creating interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications.

Created by Facebook, React.js has become one of the most powerful frameworks for front-end development. Along with AngularJS and EmberJS, ReactJS is a leader among other front-end frameworks. It fastly became an innovative and widely-used solution for user interfaces. ReactJS team explains the originality of the framework the following way: “It encourages the creation of reusable UI components which present data that changes over time.”

While creating ReactJS, Facebook focused on server-side rendering and this provides smart methods to mitigate the amount of DOM operations, optimize and accelerate the updates process. All along with flawless rendering performance, React assures easy import of components, good code reuse, fully component based architecture, faster updates, possibility for JavaScript debugging. Again, React amaze with its performance, and even if you’re showing large amounts of data, it still will show excellent results.

What is Reactjs used for?

React is used not only for large, complex web interfaces but also for single-page applications. Since it’s a scalable, fast and flexible JavaScript framework for building user interfaces numerous internet giants prefer to use it.

While Facebook chooses to use ReactJS partially, Instagram is completely based on the ReactJS library, a single-page web app uses this technology and shows amazing performance.

The React created impressive results also for Netflix too –, especially on their platform namely Gibbon. Other undeniable capabilities of ReactJS such as the velocity of the first-page loading, runtime performance, etc. are doing a significant part in making Netflix as a market leader.

So, Why React JS Has Taken Over the Front End Web Development?

Here is a list of ReactJS benefits:



Since ReactJS is a part of open-source library, it encourages developers to contribute into common ideas and share skills, and in such way allows obtaining interesting and innovating products.



React.js creates its own virtual DOM where your components actually live. It assures flexibility, efficiency and amazing gain in performance. React.js also calculates what are the changes needed to be made in DOM.


Facilitate working with Javascript

Obviously, ReactJS is created on the base of Javascript, so it ensures that working with JS will be smooth. React.js uses a special syntax called JSX, which allows you to mix HTML with Javascript.


SEO works with it

One of the greatest concerns about Javascript frameworks is that they are not search engine friendly. However, you can run React.js on the server, and the virtual DOM will be rendered to the browser as a regular web page. This solves the problem with SEO.

In JavaScript world React rocks. The ReactJS development ecosystem, on the other hand, provides everything you need to develop full-featured web applications, plus structurally similar rendering (including server-side rendering and native UI rendering) and a great level of performance. There is no doubt that React will ensure a flawless work of your website.

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