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Private Cloud deployment using Apache Cloudstack

Case Study

: for the European hosting provider (Case Study)


Client: European hosting provider


Above 50




Domain Registrar, Web Hosting

Customer since



The Challenge

The customer needed IaaS solution to provide service similar to AWS (mostly isolated VPCs and VMs provisioning on demand) to his clients


The Solution

Investigation Stage

At this stage, we conducted an investigation along with the customer in order to find the most appropriate solution. Subsequently, two competitors were left - Openstack and Apache Cloudstack. After further comparison and discussion with the customer, we came to the conclusion to go with Cloudstack, since it required fewer efforts setting it up and onward management.

Architecture Definition

The decision was made to set up a replicated controller setup to increase control plane availability. For the network, there was a requirement to keep tenants isolated, so advanced networking with traffic separation (tenant, management, storage, public) is mandatory. For storage, it was chosen CEPH, since it has native support in Cloudstack, and it provides a good combination of performance and availability. Networking was done using HP L3 switches and VLAN as tenants separation.


For nodes provisioning, we used MAAS (, it was set up on one of the servers, and then used along with Juju templates to provision all the worker nodes. Further setup of all components was done with the use of Ansible playbook (some of them were publicly available ones, and some were custom-written).


The Result

Upon the deployment, the customer was capable to provide Cloudstack web console and API access to his clients, which they could use to deploy their own VPCs, VMs, redundant virtual routers, load-balancers, security groups, etc on the client's infrastructure.

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