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Continuous integration / Continuous delivery setup for a .Net application


Client:  The company is a big retailer in the electronics world which core lines are professional photo and video industry


Over 500


35 years company


Online trading

Customer since




Technologies were used


The Challenge

The customer faced with the necessity to minimize the time for new releases delivery (because the deployment process took a few hours and demanded a lot of manual work); to provide developers with the way to test their branches before merging into a next stage or production and to easy rollback the version in case of need.


The Solution

In order to meet the client’s requirements, a CI/CD server was deployed. TeamCity has been chosen per the client’s request. The distributed build was set up in order to speed up the compiling process. The automated tests were implemented to commit using Selenium Grid. Sandbox deployment steps have also been set up as well as the production deployment (modified blue/green scheme with updating several machines in parallel).


The Result

The client`s requirements were met:

  • site wizard to collect all needed information about new tenant;
  • CodeBuild pipeline to trigger new Docker stack creation and Terraform execution on a bastion host;
  • setup logs and metric collection into Elastic Cloud (ELK managed service from ELK creators);
  • setup monitoring of all resources using Prometheus/Grafana.

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