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Meet YSA™ YourServerAdmin,

the part of IT Craft YSA GmbH

Our team is a group of passionate and motivated professionals in DevOps, server management, and software development. We create brand-new experiences based on your business needs and develop digital products end-to-end also including business analysis, design, QA, SEO, project and sales management. All you need is just to rely on us while we apply our technical skills and creativity.

We are not scared to face challenges. In fact, we believe that there are none. The backbone of our work implies 3 principles: individual approach, teamwork, and innovations, and we’re sure we can bring any idea into reality with that attitude.

How it all began

  • Day


    The company was founded and started its activity by two young and enthusiastic sysadmins decided to join in the IT world and start doing what they did best.

  • 2000

    We are constantly becoming better

    This small but highly inspired team successfully completed a number of projects and got its first acknowledgments: new clients have been trusting their ideas to them to make the concepts come true. In such a way the team kept growing until it turned out to be an expert company with 35 members that acted in the best interest of both the company itself and its customers.

  • 2004

    Cloud computing

    At the dawn of the new trends in the technology world, the company also kept pace in the times having started to use cloud computing in existence since this year.

  • 2009

    DevOps practicing

    We continue to gather momentum in the development of a new line of activities in IT - DevOps practices. The company actively keeps the recruiting of new specialists and study modern directions.

  • 2011

    New engineering department

    Our expertise in DevOps methodology, as well as the team of DevOps itself, actively increase, therefore a need in a new department has aroused.

  • 2013

    First software development project

    We earned the confidence and respect of all our customers and as a result of our exceptional approach to working, we've been entrusted with the first development project. Thus, the decision to assemble a small team with 3 developers has been made without hesitation.

  • 2016

    Software development department opened

    By the year 2016, our development team has grown into 20 people, including quality assurance engineers, web and mobile developers, business analysts, designers, and, of course, SEO specialists.

  • Present


    YSA consists of 3 teams, namely 24/7 system administrators, DevOps engineers, and software developers. Thus, it can be said we provide the full-fledged set of IT services.

Our clients across the World

United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

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