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Outsourced infrastructure server management

YourServerAdmin operates with the aim to achieve absolute server availability with around-the-clock desktop and server maintenance and support, maximum stability, security and server uptime for all clients managed in house by our tech-savvy team.


Support solutions from our experienced engineers

  • 24x7 Server management (outsourced server support)

  • Сloud server administration

  • Сloud migration

  • OS and services upgrades

  • Server setup and configuration

What is the cost of server management services?

The bad news is that we don’t have a fixed price for the server’s management services that would fit every our customer. All the projects are unique with exclusive ideas and specific requirements, therefore, we approach individually the price model.
Monthly package price always depends on the complexity of your server’s organization and the scope of work it demands.

The good news is that you can unfold the outsourced 24/7 server management benefits by completing the form stated below.


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